The joys of parenting- a funny moment!

A funny story to make you laugh… “kids say the funniest- and sometimes painfully honest- things”

I was at the Irvine Spectrum with my kids and while they were running around in the water play area my youngest daughter Violet (3 years old) and another small boy collided. The boy immediately cried and ran to his parents. Violet stopped there for a moment not really knowing how to react and when the boy’s father came to her to see if she was ok (because his son had run into her) she ran to me and started crying. I often wait to see how she will react not because I’m not worried or don’t feel bad for her- but because I don’t want my emotions to become her emotions. If she is ok and not hurt she just gets up and keeps going. If she is hurt she cries and I give her love and kisses as well as tend to her wounds of course!

While I was comforting her and giving her lots of love through tears she uttered “it’s not fair…. that boys mommy is more beautiful then my mommy!” …… PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT…….

OUCH!!!! Now that one hurt mommy! I wanted to join her in crying. But alas, I was able to contain my wounded ego. I was able to laugh about it with my husband and friend (while silently crying just a little inside). My friend proceeded to tell me that her son smacked her butt the day before while stating “mommy, when did you butt get so big and giggly”. …… PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT…… silent tears inside followed by her thoughts that she needs to teach her son what NEVER to say to a woman!

Aww, the joys of parenting! Through tantrums and tears and not listening and moments like this that make you want to run off and cry in a corner!

The joys of parenting- a funny moment!

Fast forward about a week later and I’m laying with Violet in her bed singing her lullabies and she looks into my eyes lovingly, strokes my cheek and says “you’re so beautiful mommy… your eyelashes are beautiful and your lips and lipstick and your eyes and makeup… your hair is so beautiful… I want to look just like you mommy”. Are you tearing up yet because I am just writing this. Oh my goodness all those moments of despair had just been wiped away in an instance. The beautiful innocence the pure kindness and love coming out of this little girl in that moment just melted my heart. And it is those gems that are scattered throughout or days, weeks, months and years that bring light to the moments when it feels like our children are on a mission to make us lose our minds!

The joys of parenting- a funny moment!

Happy Mother’s Day and may your life be filled with more moments of bliss, joy and love!